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What Are You Good At?

I have a quick exercise for you.

Step 1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Step 2. Make a list of what you are good at? You have 60 seconds.

Ready, Set, Go!

How many things did you come up with that you are good at, in 60 seconds? Ten, five, none?!?

Was this little exercise easy or hard for you?

Were you scared to admit you were good at certain things or were you proud to write them down?

Would the outcome of your list been different if you had to share your list with other people?

Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence and What You Are Good At

Unless you are preparing for and going to a job interview – the question What Are you Good At? Is not a question most people get asked or ask themselves very often, which is very unfortunate. Knowing what you are good at is very important to raising your self-awareness, developing your self-confidence and ultimately being happy with your life.

The only way to be able to quickly answer the question: What are you good at? Is by knowing yourself very well; from having asked yourself that question many times before and from having taken a long hard look at the answers. People with self-awareness know what they are good at.

People with self-awareness and self-confidence not only know what they are good at, but they also aren’t scared or afraid to let other people know. What happens when you tell someone you are good at something? Do you feel you have to prove it to them? What’s your reaction if asked to prove what you are good at? Do you feel threaten? Do you feel you’re being pressured? Put on the spot? Or are you happy and willing to show them?

The answers to those questions are directly tied to your level of self-confidence.

Further Exploring What Are You Good At

Take a look at the things you listed in 60 seconds and spend a little more time expanding your list. Come up with at least 10 things you are good at.  Now, answer these questions: How often do you do the things you are good at?  How often do you spend time and energy on/in the things you are good at? If you spent more time doing what you are good at…how would that impact and change your life?

What are you good at is a simple question with a world of possibilities once you answer it!

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