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Overcoming Your Fears Series

The Loop of Confidence is designed to help people understand and ultimately face their fears because the only real way to build self-confidence is through facing our fears and stepping outside of our comfort zones.  In the spirit of inspiring and motivating people to face their fears; I am kicking-off an “Overcoming Your Fears” series on The Loop of Confidence BlogTalk Radio Station. For the next few weeks; I will be interviewing people who have faced their fears and discuss with them how it changed and impacted their lives.

The shows will be hosted each Thursdays – starting October 20th at 10am CST and 7pm CST.

Here are the first 4 guests and a taste of who they are and what they’ll be discussing!!

Date: October 19th, 7pm CST

Guest: Brandy Rankins

Website: www.speaklife-ministries.com

 On August 4, 2011, Brandy and four members her family were selected to be contestants on the national game show -The Family Feud. She was tremendously excited about being on the show but was terrified of flying to get there. “What if the plane crashes” or “what if I have a panic attack in mid-air”, Brandy worried. She allowed her anxiety to get so bad that she barely slept the week of the show and she experienced several bouts of crying before getting on the plane. Brandy will discuss how she overcame her fear…and not to spoil the story but she will also tell us how she and her family did on The Family Feud!



Date: October 20th, 10am CST

Guest: Nellie Jacobs

Website: http://www.ignitingimagination.com

On November 25, 2010, Nellie experienced something she never anticipated in her wildest dreams or nightmares. She became a kidney donor to her husband. Talk about fear for the 10 months leading up to the surgery! During that time Nellie’s husband kidneys failed, he went on dialysis, had major back surgery and continued working. Nellie gifted her kidney to her husband for their 42nd wedding anniversary. Nellie chose to take advantage of her fear and time of isolation to make opportunity knock. During that time, she completed two books, the first in an inspirational, self-help series she had been developing. Her husband is now free of dialysis and Nellie continues to marvel in disbelief at their experience.



Date: October 26th, 7pm CST

Guest: RJon Robins

Website: www.HowToMANAGEaSmallLawFirm.com

 RJon, not unlike many people had a big fear of success. That is, having too-much success. Because having too much success to him meant that certain people in his life would feel bad by comparison. He overcame this fear by recognizing it. RJon has been in law firm management & a law firm marketing coach for 10 years and to get there, he worked with coaches to help him with the “mechanical” aspects of his business over the years. Eventually, RJon got a glimpse of the life he could be living vs. the life he was living and realized it was time to step-into his potential. Everything lead him to the decision that to improve the most important part of his business – that his himself; it would be wise to also get a coach.

Working with a coach involved accepting and facing many things, it also meant letting-go of some people and things and behaviors that were “familiar” but not helping him get to where he wanted to be in life. It paid-off quite nicely. Once RJon overcame his fear of success he quadrupled his revenue, attracted many more clients and found much more personal and professional satisfaction. His relationship with his wife improved, he made new friends and learned to enjoy life more.



Date: October 27th, 10am CST

Guest: Tracey Pacelli

Website: www.traceypacelli.com

 Tracey Pacelli spent the majority of her life scared of death – she came into this life with a ridiculous fear of her mortality, not only for herself but for others in her life, as well. Then, about 2 1/2 years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma that spread to her thyroid, spleen and colon. Things did not look good for her and Tracey was forced to face the very real probability that death was on her doorstep. She was terrified and couldn’t bear the idea of leaving her daughter.

At the same time, Tracey met this remarkable spiritual teacher, rather coincidentally, who taught her to face her fear and to allow whatever happened to happen and flow through the process with acceptance.

Turns out, it wasn’t her time to go, after all, and she was accepted into an experimental cell therapy treatment program at the NIH. Her cancer disappeared, and so did her ridiculous fear of death. She’s definitely not volunteering to go anytime soon, but she no longer spends her time worrying about it and has gone on with the process of living. She has a new teen novel just out from Gypsy Shadow Publishing, her daughter helped her by designing the cover!



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