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Preparation and Confidence (Part I)

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One recommended way to gain confidence you’ll hear about is through preparation.  People who are properly prepared to say…perform a certain job, carry out a duty or execute a task are indeed more likely to do such things with greater confidence.  But why is that?!? What is preparation?!?

What Is Preparation?

Before I answer this question, take a few moments to ask yourself the question: What is Preparation? What goes into becoming/being prepared?

One of the definitions in Webster for preparation is: the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty.

Preparation is an active process. Yes, you can stay seated on your behind and still prepare yourself by mentally walking through what you will need to achieve but in most cases people take it a step further. In the process of preparation, people think through what they need to do, take notes, make to do lists, research, get what they need, rehearse, etc. Preparation includes thinking about alternatives solutions by playing out “what ifs”.

So why does preparation lead to having greater confidence in carrying out what you’ve prepared for?

Self-confidence is the belief in your abilities. Preparation is applying your abilities to ready yourself for something.  When you prepare yourself, you go through the process of evaluating and determining how your abilities stack up to the task you need to carry out.  If your abilities don’t stack-up quite right; getting prepared affords you the capacity and time to take care of the shortfalls in your abilities.

Preparation (thinking through what you need to accomplish) also allows you to become more familiar with what will be required of you.  Preparation addresses unknowns so people feel more confident and comfortable with things they have familiarized themselves with.

What are your levels and habits of preparation?

Think on these next few questions.  How long does it take you to prepare yourself for things you’ve done before vice preparing for things you’ve never done before? We can prepare more easily for what we know because we’ve done it before, which leads to the next question. Do you still prepare yourself or do you go on auto-pilot?

How often do you prepare yourself? Does preparing yourself lead to over thinking about things?

Do you prepare yourself everyday to face the day as soon as you wake-up?

How well you know yourself is a big factor to how fast you can be prepared.  Can you be prepared at a moment’s notice? Is your brain trained to always be prepared?

Remember, confidence builds confidence. Confidence leads to being more prepared and being more prepared leads to greater confidence.

Being prepared is a skill.  All skills can be enhanced or if needed, developed.

Got questions or input before the next post on Confidence and Preparation?  Email them or leave a comment.  We’ll keep this conversation going!

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