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Your Circumstances Are Not Your Potential

If I looked at all my failures and the “sucky” lack of progress I experience most times – I would not be doing what I’m doing or ever have achieved what I’ve achieved so far in my life. My circumstances never mattered much to me, what’s always mattered to me is my potential.  I don’t live according to my circumstances – I live according to my dreams because I believe in myself…I HAVE SELF-CONFIDENCE.

More often than not, people get way too focused on what they have and are living instead of what their potential is because they don’t believe in themselves. The incredible power and importance of self-confidence (believing in yourself) is never so obvious than when someone changes their lives because they decide to believe in their potential.

Admittedly, as discussed in past posts, faith also has a play in all of this.  I have always believed in myself and my potential and in the past, on many occasions, this lead me to grab control of situations that were best turned over to God, since my abilities to make them happen are miniscule compared to His. However, if I didn’t believe in myself I wouldn’t even consider asking God for the great many favors and fabulous, big things I pray for each day. Also, if I didn’t have self-confidence, I wouldn’t be constantly ready to carry out and fulfill the tasks, work and miracles God sends my way.

  • What are your current circumstances?
  • How much do your circumstances affect you compared to what you believe about your potential?
  • Do your circumstances make you lose confidence because nothing ever seems to change?
  • Do you live according to your circumstances or your dreams?
  • Is your lack of self-confidence and belief in your potential what’s keeping you stuck in your circumstances?

Believing in Your Potential

Potential is all about what could be/what could become. In actuality, your potential DOES NOT exist until you believe in it – imagine what it is/could be. You are who you are until you believe you can be more. Others can believe in you and see your potential but that potential will never exist until you believe in it.

Believing in your potential and in yourself changes everything. It opens your mind to a new world where what you believe about yourself becomes your reality; a source of motivation, joy, happiness, and ambition. Dreams are made of potential. Dreams are you applying your potential to create new circumstances and outcomes.

Potential becomes reality when you apply yourself and never quit until it’s reached. Stop looking and living your circumstances today! Build you self-confidence, discover your true potential and start living your dreams!!

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