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Announcing a New Workshop for Parents

For the last few months I have been working on a new workshop for parents of pre-teens (more specifically 6-12 years old) called the 5 Keys to Raising Confident Children – I’m really excited to start offering it to parents around the New Orleans area in person and via webinar to those who can’t attend an in-person workshop.

The workshop is an hour long and as the title gives it away; I will be covering the 5 critical keys/elements that are necessary in order for parents to ensure they raise confident kids. Self-confidence development is different depending on what age a person is but by far, the best time for someone to start developing their self-confidence, is when they are YOUNG. However, at a young age, a child cannot actively or cognitively know, do or implement what needs to be done to ensure they grow up having self-confidence.

Unfortunately, for the last few decades, sorry to be so blunt but we (parents, teachers, society, psychologists, etc.) have screwed a few generations of kids, now young adults and adults, and they are now struggling with self-confidence issues because their self-esteems were over inflated and they never had to discover what they were made of or forced to face the realities of rejection, losing, failure and sucking at things.

I’ve written about the topic of children, self-esteem and self-confidence few times over the last two years:

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This workshop is an opportunity to start implementing the right tactics to ensure you raise a confident child who will grow into a confident young adult and adult not only ready to face the world, but ready to TAKE ON the world.

You don’t want to miss out on this workshop nor should you think that you don’t need it/your child doesn’t need it.  This is your child’s future and one of the most important things he or she can possess in order to be successful in life is self-confidence.  Self-confidence is the key to success and the time to start developing it and acquiring the mindset true and impeccable self-confidence requires is at a young age and BEFORE they pick up fears, self-doubt, insecurities and negative thinking.

Teenagers and adults have to be re-programmed in order to develop true and impeccable self-confidence because they were not setup for success at a young age to develop self-confidence – this is the opportunity to program your child for success, to ensure she will be a self-assured, assertive, persistent and a happy child.

To hear more about WHY you want to build you child’s self-confidence watch this short video

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