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Stop Feeling Confident. Be Confident.

Want to know the biggest and first sign to figuring out if you have a confidence issue – you say things like “I feel confident today”, “this outfit makes me feel confident”, or “a good hair day gives me confidence”.  Confident people don’t wonder about whether or not they feel confident because they simply ARE confident.

Confidence is not a feeling – it’s a state of being, it’s who you are.  That is if you have true and impeccable self-confidence. Your confidence doesn’t get “shaken up”, “decreased” or “less” because something bad or unexpected happens to you. Confident people have a completely different perspective towards the unexpected, the bad, failures, risks etc. It’s not a matter of arrogance either or denial.  It’s about a deep rooted self-awareness that allows confident people to give appropriate value, response, and impact to circumstances and situations. It’s a well balanced truth recognition mixed with appropriate evaluation that provides a clear understanding of the what, why, and how.  Personal accountability and responsibility is assumed and what needs to be fixed, worked on and handled is identified, processed and taken care of.

This is why confident people don’t get hung up on anything – this is why other people admire them and want to be like them. Confident people stay cool and clear headed because they have all the right coping skills no matter what…even when they don’t know what to do, and/or nothing can be done.

Going around “feeling confident” leaves you open to being shaken up by anything and everything that might or might not come your way. Join an upcoming Loop of Confidence Workshop and start BEING CONFIDENT.

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