Confidence Courses

“You don’t need it all to have confidence but you need confidence to have it all”

Join one of the upcoming Loop of Confidence Courses and enter into your very own Loop of Confidence.  True and impeccable self-confidence is generated through self-discovery, facing your fears, overcoming self-limitations, and pushing your comfort zones.

Do you know the single most important component that separates people who are successful from those who are not?  The answer is Self-Confidence.

The Loop of Confidence Course will change your life forever because once you have true and impeccable self-confidence no one can ever take it away from you. The confidence you develop in yourself through this program will positively impact every aspect of your life.  You will have the confidence to say, do, and be everything you ever wanted. Nothing will ever hold you back again; you will have a new sense of personal empowerment, strong belief in yourself, and renewed self-esteem.

Your confidence will be built upon taking actions, and overcoming self-doubt, your fears, limitations and failures. This is an unbelievably effective program and the same concept behind Marine Corps Boot Camp.  Ever notice how confident Marines are? There’s nothing a Marine thinks he can’t do. Now, you can be just as confident

  • Are you looking for more confidence to finally pursue your dreams?
  • Do you want the confidence to finally take some risks (for bigger rewards)?
  • Do you want confidence to be more assertive?
  • Do you want to confidently make decisions? End your procrastinating and other people’s hold on you?
  • Are you looking for the courage to face your fears?
  • Are you tired of your lack of self-confidence holding you back?
  • Do you want the ability to bounce back easily from setbacks?
  • Do you want to go through life never worrying about what other people think or say about you?
  • Do you want to be happy with who you are?

If you answered yes to a few or all of those questions then The Loop of Confidence Course is for YOU and you should sign-up now!!

Once you sign-up you will receive a packet with more detailed information of what will be covered each week to include read aheads and exercises for you to do. This course is interactive and will require your active participation.  Before Week One, you will need to complete Exercise 1 (part 1 and 2) My Confidence is Currently Rooted On.

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Register NOW via PayPal! Space is limited. Ten People per Course. We meet once a week for 5 weeks. Cost $249.

One-on-One Loop of Confidence Coaching is also available in person or via phone or Skype. To purchase, visit the Services Page.

Webinars (Sign-up via paypal on the services page)

Payment Via PayPal. Once we receive payment we will confirm your dates with you and send you the material you need for the course.


5 Keys to Raising Confident Kids

5 Keys to Raising Confidence Kids Webinar

Every Wednesday 7-8pm CST via webinar ($25)



One-on-One Loop of Confidence Coaching is also available in person or via phone or Skype. To purchase, visit the Services Page.