Watch the Confidence Builder, Ann Bernard in the video series explain some of the common questions about self-confidence

Discover more great videos on The Loop of Confidence Youtube Channel

In this video, Ann explains why the concept of “Fake It Till You Make It” does not work.

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In this video, the Confidence Builder discusses the importance of developing self-confidence in children.

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In this video, The Confidence Builder discusses the amazing byproducts of self-confidence

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In this video, The Confidence Builder explains what self-confidence is and what self-confidence is not. Ann also covers the step for developing true and impeccable self-confidence

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Here are some extras and additional resources!

Loop of Confidence Exercise 1 (part 1 and 2)- My Confidence is Currently Rooted On Exercise

Surveys and Questionnaires

Sometimes it helps to look at questions to get thinking about things which is why we have designed some surveys and questionnaire to help you get started.  We encourage you to take some or all of of the following surveys and questionnaires in your quest to get to know yourself better.


How Confident Are You?


Do You Suffer From One or a Few of the Most Common Phobias?

Do You Have Some of These Fears?

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